Wednesday, January 11, 2012

On Relationships In The Age Of Social Media

Dear Diary:

I have been trying to figure out a way to write about this particular topic, but it hasn't been until recently that I have been in a situation where it would relevant to me. And just so you know, right now I am just typing shit because I am suffering from a major brain fart and completely lost my train of thought, so give me a minute. Just writing something random helps me get back on track as opposed to just staring at a screen with drool coming out of my mouth.

Anyway, in my previous entry I mentioned that I am seeing someone, and well, yes, it's true. I have been seeing this particular woman for a little while now. So things in this particular area of my life are moving in a positive, forward direction.

But it got me to thinking. With the explosion of social media, when should a couple become official on the interwebs? Or is it even necessary that it happen? Or should it even happen at all?

Now, there is a general danger with social media that I find oftentimes goes unnoticed, and that is feeling of validation and false sense of self-worth that it can provide from strangers.

Another thing that I find absolutely repulsive is when a couple are all mushy on social networks. I mean please, get a room, send an email, private message, whatever you want to call it, and leave the rest of us out of it. I do not want to read your fucking baby talk, and neither does anyone else. It isn't cute. It makes you look retarded. I tend to think people who do this are seeking validation, and/or bragging to try to make themselves feel better. But they only look pathetic in my opinion.

So, when a couple start becoming exclusive, is there some unwritten rule that there is a certain amount of time in which they must follow/friend each other? Then do they just come right out and announce they are in a relationship with a particular person? Or is there a slow easing into it? Is there a timeline? Has someone written a manual? Where is "Relationship Protocol on Social Networks for Dummies" when you need it?

Or is it even necessary that it be announced to the world that you are in a relationship with a particular someone? I guess whether or not it is necessary is dependent on talking it over with your significant other. I have a feeling no one wants to prematurely jump the gun on that one, because well, that could be a bit awkward. I also have a feeling that if one person wants to do it, the other person will follow/allow/compromise/insert whichever verb you want here.

But should it happen at all? Now, this is just my opinion, but if you are announcing it to the world because you want the world to know, then that smacks as seeking validation, so no, I don't think you should. But, if you are announcing it to the world because you are proud of the fact you are with someone whom you think is special, then by all means, be proud of it.

Just keep the pillow talk on the pillow.


  1. okay, guilty of a little mushiness on the interwebs at times with M, but I've seen far far worse, so i don't feel *that* bad ;-) As for you, congrats my friend, much deserved. As for making it official or following on certain networks is a weird thing, isn't it? I sort of struggled with this at first too. It'll be a natural progression when you do decide to 'intermingle' on whatever social network that may be ;)

  2. Oh, I was more speaking in general than about myself...

  3. I agree no need for "announcing" it.
    it would make me feel trapped. Why cant people just enjoy what they have without always trying to complicate shit.
    ill never understand that.
    So glad you've found someone.

  4. In all honesty -- I let people do the talking around me. You don't need to say anything for people to figure out you're together, and then it basically just spreads on its own without any effort. My fiance and I didn't tell anyone and people on both sides of the country now know of us being together. LOL.

    Glad you found someone. :)