Friday, December 16, 2011

You're So Vain, I Bet You Think This Post Is About You...

Dear Diary:

The Washington Post recently wrote a little piece on a highly scientific and reputable survey that listed the nation's capital as one of America's vainest cities. You may find that article here.

Ok, so it isn't that scientific. A poll by LivingSocial probably isn't the best thing to base one's thesis on, know what I mean. Not to mention, of the entire sample size of 4,000 respondents, only 200 were from the DMV. Do you really think the opinions of 200 people in the DMV carry that much weight? Ok, well, in some instanced they do, but I am not in the mood to give a civics lesson at the moment. Anyway, here is how DC ranked according to this landmark in scientific data in some other categories:

Women here are beautiful — 1st (yup, women here are smokin' hot, I won't deny that)

Men here are metrosexual — 1st (whatever that means, I still don't know)

Men here are bald — 1st (some of us like the shaved look, its more comfortable, so suck it)

People here are superficial — 1st (maybe because we live and work in the center of world power? maybe? just maybe? someone give me a reason)

People here have bad personal hygiene — 2nd (there are a lot of tourists, just sayin')

People here are overweight — 3rd (fuck you, suck my balls)

People here dress badly — 4th
(I have seen enough fashion horror stories to laugh at this and nod)

People here are athletic — 5th
(hey, we walk a lot, but how can we be fat and athletic?)

Now, I will freely admit that I have several issues with living in the District. But how superficial and vain the people are really isn't one of them. Maybe because I actually hang out and know more people that are pretty down to earth, who are just trying to get by, and live the life they want to. Sure, I have seen what I consider to be a randomly high concentration of Louis Vuitton, but does that mean by and large the city is filled with superficial people? And what is the demographic breakdown of the respondents to this survey, that's what I want to know.

Anyway, just thought it was interesting. Feel free to discuss amongst yourselves or share an opinion.


  1. I always find these lists interesting too, yet they are sometimes so contradictory. The bad hygene one is puzzling, how the heck do they even figure that one out!?

  2. yeah, i don't see superficial and vain. obsessed with their own importance? oh yeah, every day and twice on sunday. but not superficial.