Wednesday, August 17, 2011

You Asked, I Answered, Part 8

Dear Diary:

Q: How big's your...nevermind. ;)

(Being tacky, as ususal.)

A: And now for the answer that you have all been waiting for!!! (well, if you are a woman, or hell, a guy, nothing wrong with that)

My dick. How big is it? Well, let's see. It's really impossible to measure unless you are using an electron microscope. Seriously. I'm hung like a gerbil.

You can stop drooling now and thinking of me as some hung sex god.

Ha, sorry I killed your dreams.

But seriously.....


  1. LOL! I almost spit out my coffee. that was hilarious ;)

  2. Who asked you this question? Ha, that's pretty hysterical.