Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Hitting The Wall

Dear Diary,

My life is so boring, I have no idea what to write about these days. So, ask me something. I will answer anything (well, for the most part).

What do you want to know?


  1. I want to know how you cope with it, because my life is equally boring and I can barely deal with it any more.

  2. what is the scariest thing that's ever happened to you? ... i've got two that tie for first:

    1. i almost lost my second daughter at twenty-four weeks.


    2. i came within an inch of losing my entire arm in a hydraulic conveyor belt while working at a pork plant - on my second day.

    what's a weird nickname somebody's given you and why?

    patches... because two single, straight guys screwed up my dye streaks...

  3. Where would you recommend someone to go on vacation that you have been and why? If you could go anywhere you haven't already been and cost wasn't a factor, where would you go?

  4. What is your biggest pet peeve? What is your most embarrassing moment? What is the most random fact about you?

  5. Do you want to stay in DC? What are your favorite/least favorite parts about living here?

  6. Do you have ANY desire to marry again?

  7. I think marriage is great for those who believe in it, but do you think it is more than a ring and a dress? I think I can have a meaningful relationship and totally plan to spend the rest of my life with my guy, but without the ceremony. Thoughts?

  8. How big's your...nevermind. ;)

    (Being tacky, as ususal.)

  9. What's one of your favorite memories? (could be anything)

    I'm interested in this guy who is going through everything you went through- near identical story. Is it worth sticking around to see if it could work between us after the papers are officially signed? Or am I just wasting time? I don't think he's ready to date, but I know he will be amazing when he *is* ready. Thoughts?

    What do guys really look for in a girl?

    What's annoying you the most right now?

  10. what's the most entertaining thing you've done in the past month?

  11. New here.

    I dont as much have a question as maybe a suggestion.
    Have you thought about participating in HNT?

    Just a thought.

    AS for a blank slate. Write about shit that you see or interact with daily.

    It will come to you.