Thursday, June 23, 2011

20 Years In The Making

Dear Diary:

There are some bands that one just gets. Their music somehow just resonates. Whether it is the lyrics, or the music itself, it just clicks.

20 years ago, I really got into U2. I have pretty much all of their stuff. In fact, I think I do have all of their stuff, from Boy to No Line On The Horizon. I think Achtung Baby is amazing, Rattle and Hum a work of genius, and The Joshua Tree very well may be one of the single greatest albums of all time.

And last night, after 20 years of waiting, since basically the Zoo TV tour, I finally saw them live, in Baltimore.

This was also the first stadium show I have ever been to, and it was worth the wait. You could literally feel the music in your seat, not that I was sitting down much.

The seats were great, and I am fortunate to have a friend who took me for my birthday.

The stage was unbelievable, and honestly, I don't even want to imagine how much it cost to put on the show.

But it was....

simply amazing and....

worth the trip, and the sweltering heat (I swear I sweated out like 5 lbs)

And fortunately, I have some pictures to always remember it, as well as a great memory, shared with a close friend whom I have known half my life.


  1. there is NOTHING like a great concert. looks like a blast.

  2. Sounds like you had an amazing time! Very nice of your friend to take your for your birthday. Talk about an amazing gift!

  3. That is aewsome!!!! I LOVE U2! They are definitely on my bucket list of bands to see as well. Great pictures. No video?? I want to hear the songs! ;-)