Thursday, May 26, 2011

We All Do It

Dear Diary:

We all do it.

All of us who use this form of expression do it.

We wonder.

We wonder who the hell is bored enough to read our stories. We wonder if we are entertaining. We wonder if they get us. We wonder if they want us. We wonder if behind a screen in some far off land, there is someone who is nodding their head as they read our words.

We all do it. Don't deny it. If you are thinking, "nope, not me" then you are a fucking liar. It's like a guy that says he doesn't jerk off. Bold face liar.

We wonder about where they are from. We wonder if they have lives like us. If they do things we do. We wonder what they look like, and wonder if they would be fun to actually talk to. We wonder if they like to drink. What they like to eat. Where they eat. We wonder if they have a 9 to 5 job. We wonder if they hate their job as much as we hate ours.

We wonder if those special ones have found us. The ones that we have written about that we tried to keep anonymous. We wonder if somehow they stumbled upon us. We wonder if they were shocked, or if they were angry, but mostly we wonder if they understood. We wonder if they will reach out to see how we are doing.

And for some of those special ones, we wonder if they wonder about us too.


  1. I won't lie. I absolutely wonder these things sometimes. I also wonder about the jerkfaces that post rude comments attacking people...those are the people that have WAY too much time on their hands (not that I'm speaking from experience or anything...)

  2. yes, yes we do. we do that all the time, wondering about our readers.

    you nailed it. big time.

  3. I spend a lot of time wondering why my readers never comment (with some notable and much appreciated exceptions--hi Magnolia!) but realize I am a shitty commenter too. I especially wonder about people who I can see come and read my whole blog, start to finish, and never say anything. What are they thinking?

  4. I wonder, big time. I'm continually amazed that people I don't know actually sit down and read my blog, and then sometimes even comment on it.

    I actually spend a great deal of time wondering about the people who read my posts. I think they rock. I wish I could gather them all up, give them a collective hug, and buy them a drink. For as disillusioning as it could be for them, I'd love to meet my readers. I know some; others remain a mystery.

  5. Just wanted to say thanks for leaving words of encouragement on my blog. It means a lot that you'd take the time to do that. It's helping, even if just a little.

  6. I never comment. I read whole blogs from start to finish in a very short period of time but rarely, I mean rarely, comment. The reason I am commenting now is because of one of your statements: who is bored enought to read your blog. Its not that I am bored at all. I read blogs just like someone else watches tv. I don't watch much tv. I read instead. And I have found that reading blogs is often just as good as reading a good book because its like a story, but something real, about real life. And inevitably, you get to care about what happens in the life of the blogger such that all of a sudden you are considered a "follower".

    I would say that the people who read and do not comment are normal people, holding normal jobs and having normal lives. Its almost like having a good, thought provoking conversation.