Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Sometimes They Fight Back

Dear Diary:

Over the last couple of days, a video has gone viral. I am sure you have seen it, or heard of it, but if you have not, here it is:

As someone who moved around a lot growing up, I did have to deal with being bullied on occasion. It wasn't fun. It wasn't fun at all.

Whether it was a hurtful comment, or the time I was crouching down opening my locker and some guys came up behind me and held me while another punched me in the chest and made fun of me, the fat kid, the memories still remain with me to this day. No one likes to be a punching bag, whether verbally or physically. No one deserves to be degraded like that, especially in front of others for a laugh.

I think the reason this video has gone viral has a lot to do with people coming out of the shadows, drawn forth by their memories. To be honest, I want to buy this kid a fucking Coke, pat him on the back and give him a trophy, for having the courage that so many people wished they had when they were being bullied.

And I have to say, the little rat bastard that got his ass slammed to the concrete got off easy. The mental torment that victims of bullying deal with can lead them to much more violent reactions, some involving harm to themselves, and sometimes involving harm, and even death, to many other people. We have heard way too many stories of victims of bullying committing suicide, and we have heard way too many stories of students walking into schools with guns.

Now, as far as this particular incident is concerned, many have come out in support of the young man who stood up for himself, which, as someone who was bullied at one time or another, I happen to agree with. I just wish it didn't take an incident like him having to take matters into his own hands (literally) before people stepped up to say that what was happening to him was wrong.

And as for the bully in this video, all I can say is.....

Dude, you got KNOCKED the FUCK OUT, punkass.


  1. "Dude, you got KNOCKED the FUCK OUT, punkass." <--- a-effing-men. What a douchebag that kid is. This video breaks my heart and I'm sorry you were bullied growing up. Truth is, I was too, for a year, in 6th grade. My "BFF" literally tore me apart, bullied me into doing whatever she wanted, made fun of how I walked, talked, dressed, looked. You name it. To this day, as awful as it sounds, I look at her life compared to mine, and I can't help but feel a little proud (let's just say she didn't make it too far and has about 4 kids all from different baby mamas!).

  2. Thanks for posting this. The more fuss people make about bullying, the more people are at least aware that it's going on, and hopefully we'll get our collective asses going on finding a solution.

    (I was bullied, too. Mercilessly...)

  3. The video was removed by youtube. I'll have to find it somewhere else.

    The sad state is.... I think many of us were bullied. Even those who are bullying! I hope we're all able to be more cognizant of how much it hurts others now.