Saturday, January 22, 2011


Dear Diary:

Pain is the result of having your world turned upside down by one health related train wreck after another for four solid months.

Pain is waking up, and starting a new routine.

Pain is eating the same thing over and over again.

Pain is counting, religiously, the amount of calories in any given thing.

Pain is limiting calories to under 1800 a day.

Pain is being meticulous is consuming enough nutrients while minimizing caloric consumption.

Pain is in the process of tweaking said new routine to get it down to an exact science.

Pain is preparation, and study.

Pain is working a full day with distractions and meetings and organizing and paperwork and strategizing and teaching, while staying focused on that singular goal that is worth more than money or recognition.

Pain is going to the gym every day, regardless of the time.

Pain is feeling they are all looking at your fat ass while you huff and puff and sweat like a whore in church on Easter.

Pain is finishing the time on the treadmill, knowing that the time on the elliptical will hurt even more.

Pain is burning between 700 and 900 calories, every day.

Pain is getting home late, and eating dinner consisting of vegetables and a store bought low calorie frozen dinner and then preparing breakfast and lunch for the next day.

Pain is showering at night to cool off, and going to bed sore.

Pain is waking up the next day, and doing it all over again.

Pain is fucking glorious.


  1. Pain. Is somethings good. I admire your dedication. It'll pay off. And routine might be pain to some, but to me, is glorious ;-)

  2. that is one hell of a routine. mustering that much discipline is a damn impressive thing.

  3. What are you doing at the gym that burns 700-900 calories each time? Quite a workout indeed!

  4. good luck to you - sounds like quite a routine! I love to exercise, hate to diet.

  5. Goddamn. And here I thought I was a badass because I walk on the treadmill for a mile or two (the elliptical can kiss my fat ass right now, I can't stay on that thing for one minute) and am on Weight Watchers. It's working but I bet yours is working waaaay faster.

    I don't know about you, but I'm under the impression that I'll never really be loved unless I am thinner. A trip to Wal-Mart on any given weeknight should disprove the theory that only thin, attractive people can be happy, but it's how I feel anyway.

    Congrats on being a TRUE badass, though. Working hard is never easy. For your routine? You should get a medal every damn day.