Monday, December 6, 2010

'Tis The Season.......Blah Blah Blah Blah...

Dear Diary:

I painted. I painted that crown molding and baseboard that I have been meaning to paint for oh, about a year I guess.

I moved furniture. I moved my couch, which is too fucking big for my house, to another part of my fairly small living room. I need to buy a smaller couch, but for some reason they are a bitch to find. It faces the fireplace now. I need to buy a mantle. Or hang some art, probably something metal that can handle the heat.

There are chairs in front of the window now, which can easily be moved. Not like the couch that was there previously. I can put a Christmas tree there. In fact, I think I will.

I think at some point everyone who celebrates Christmas wants to have a place where they can put their tree in front of their window so that when the lights are turned on one can see it from outside. It feels welcoming, I guess. It's really hard to explain it, or at least I can't fucking explain it, but it's true. Why? Because I said so.

I always wanted one of those gigantic Christmas trees. The ones that are 12 feet high and go right up to the ceiling. I have no idea why I want one, but at some point I do. But I have never had the space for it. I still don't have the space for it. Now while my ceilings are high enough, the actual size of the room is not big enough to handle a tree of this caliber. Not unless I want to have my entire living room occupied by a big fucking tree.

But I do have the space now to put it in front of the window. With white lights and silver ornaments. And it will be a real tree. It will not be one of those fake ass plastic pieces of shit that are apparently all the rage these days. Who buys those? Fucking communists, that's who. And people who hate Santa. Do you think Santa has a fake Christmas tree? Fuck no he doesn't.


  1. LOL, I agree with you about fake trees. I have always had real trees. And I also agree with you about wanting to put it in the window: that is always the ideal location for it.

  2. Santa sucks. let's be honest. ;-) I'd love a real tree too, but they're so messy...for the type A in me, that just won't cut it. So I get the balsam-scented candle and call it a day. What about some pics of your furniture rearranging...or your tree all lit up??

  3. Hey, don't hate on the fake trees. Seriously, I lit my little fake tree on fire last year so they have the same flammability of a real tree. And I could probably spray some pine tree scent around my apartment and get the same effect. Well ok, not really. But unless you plan on lugging the giant tree up to my highrise apartment, vacuuming my apartment to scoop up the pine needles, and then coming back to bag that sucker up post NYE, I think I'll just stick with my fake tree. Plus I don't like the idea of possibly losing my ornaments for good.

    I'm glad you're getting a tree though. None of my guy friends are, so that's nice.

    Good luck with the couch, and the tree, and the art.

  4. ooh, that sounds nice. i am waiting for the time when i'm not itinerant for christmas, and it makes some level of sense to have my own tree. this year i'm road-tripping for the last 2 weeks of december, so it'd be totally pointless to spend money on a tree. but someday, it will happen. of that you can be sure.

  5. I had my first Christmas tree ever last year! I am Jewish and my husband is Catholic and the whole process is so bizarre to me, but quite fun at the same time. It's so strange to purposely go and purchase a large tree and bring it in your house, decorate it and keep it for a few weeks, before doing it all in reverse! It's SO fun though!! :)

    We have 12 foot ceilings and he insists on an 8 foot tree, so I can never reach the top. But there is something really nice and welcoming like you said about a pretty lit up tree in someone's house.

    I also love Christmas lights - but since we are in an apartment - we are limited!

    PS I have read your whole blog, actually both and have enjoyed them - please keep writing!! :)

    Happy Holidays!

  6. Ive got a black plastic tree and I like it! Ha