Friday, November 5, 2010

Well, That Is That

Dear Diary:

I have decided to go ahead and cancel the subscription I had to the online dating service that I was using (and yes, it was a legitimate one, I am just not saying which one it was because they don't fucking pay me to promote them). The fact is, I am just burned out when it comes to dating.

Ok, let me rephrase that.

I am burned out putting myself out there and getting shot the fuck down. The icing on the cake was when I mentioned to one woman that I was divorced, and that match became closed within a few hours. Forget about the fact that she knows as much about me as she does the secrets of the universe in ancient Sanskrit. And I am so over sending out messages without a response. I mean, a negative response is better than no response. At least it acknowledges that I am a human being. But sending something into the vast universe of nothingness? No fucking thank you. I'm done, over and out.

That, and well, going months multiple months without a damn date from there is well, just a waste of money if you ask me. I'd rather save that money and buy something I want, like a nice stainless steel roasting pan (wait, did I actually say that?). Because the yearly subscription costs about as much as an All-Clad stainless steel roasting pan, and if I am buying a roasting pan (ok, come on, you and I both know I will fairly soon) then I am buying the one that I want.

On a more positive note, I went a full week cold turkey, nicotine free. And I feel fine. No more urges to strangle someone or club a baby seal. I am rather calm actually. This is good.

Oh, not to mention I had a really good Hefewiezen last night.


  1. YAY congrats on kicking the chew!

  2. Forgive the ignorance, but what's Hefewiezen?

    Second, try a free online dating site. There are a couple, which I wont mention since you don't like to advertise. I'm not saying you would be any more successful there, but when its free, who cares?

    also, maybe have a female look at your profile to see if there's something you've written that might be off-putting?

    Congrats on kicking the chew!

  3. good on ya for a week without nicotine!

  4. Nicely done on kicking the habit...I think that's awesome. I agree on the dating site burnout, I've been there too. Lack of responses totally sucks and is so frustrating. I don't even want to count how many no responses I have had, but I guess it happens to all of us. What about the chick who asked you out on your blog?! :)

  5. The beer was good, but the company was better... right? (OK, stopping myself before I start looking like a stalker.)

  6. Congrats on one week nicotine free! Addictions are HARD!

    Secondly, so many of my male friends have the same experience you had with dating sites, so you are not alone at all.

    And as for the roasting pan, I love to cook, and if I were you, I would buy the pan instead, lol.

  7. -Jolene, see the comment below you.

    -DateMeDC, the company was better than the beer, and the beer was fantastic

  8. High five on the date, that's awesome ;-)

  9. I'm gobsmacked that your divorce is an issue, given our demographic. Most every man/woman who is online has been married. Was this gal a bit younger? To an early 20something, the concept of divorce may be a bit more difficult to swallow.

    Happy to hear you had a good date...and congrats on the whole nicotine shebang. Bravo.

  10. congrats on kicking the chew

    that site sucks, they told me they would give me 14 more days, nah go ahead and give me my money. It sucks.

  11. I can't wait to get get off the dating site I'm on. It fucking sucks. I've had gross, inappropriate, cheesy shit said and sent to me -- on one spectrum -- and then, like you, nothingness on the other end.

    I just have no earthly idea how to meet men without a dating site. I currently work from home. I see no one but my cat.