Monday, November 1, 2010

Mail Call

Dear Diary:

Alright folks, I am a bit bored and unable to focus on anything other than the fact that my mouth is sore and I am having nicotine withdrawals (the nicotine withdrawals are good though since I am quitting).

That being said, ask me some questions, would ya? You can either email me directly by going to my blogger profile, or leave them as a comment.

Now get crackin'. Let's see what you come up with.


  1. money's no object - take your dream trip. where are you going, and what meals will you eat when you get there?

  2. My dream trip is going to Santorini, with a few nights in Athens. While in Santorini, I would stay at a hotel that had a room with one of those horizon pools right on the cliffs.

    As far as what I would eat, bougatsa is high on the list, as well as as much fresh seafood and other Greek delicacies as I can find (and hopefully a beautiful Greek goddess as well).

  3. If you could do one thing in your life completely over again what would it be and why?

  4. Rhianna, nothing actually. Every single experience I have had has shaped me to be who I am today. I wouldn't change anything (well other than getting off track with my weight loss).

  5. That says a lot about the man you have become. I have been following your blog from the day you started it and I have to say you have come so far in such a short time and you have every right to be very proud of what you have accomplished. In my book any lady would be incredibly lucky to have you in her life. She IS out there and one day she will be revealed to you. I hope that day comes soon for you. You deserve to be happy.

  6. What are your five all time favorite movies?

  7. Santorini. By far the #1 spot on my list to go too. Hmm. Questions. How about the cliche - who's your dream woman? What's your favorite food? TV show? Blog??

  8. Anna, that may very well be the single toughest question for me to answer since I can pretty much watch anything. So I don't have a way to rank them per se. That being said, I would throw Shawshank Redemption, The Hustler, Up, Good Will Hunting, Platoon, Gladiator, Hudsucker Proxy, Real Genius, Top Gun, Days of Thunder, The Godfather Trilogy, Harlem Nights, and the Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy up there in any list I have.

  9. Jolene, my dream woman is the woman who looks looks into my eyes from across the room and says everything without saying anything.

    Favorite food is lobster. (as opposed to my favorite thing to eat, but that is a different subject entirely)

    My favorite TV show at the moment would have to be Blue Mountain State.

    I have a favorite blog, but I don't talk about it nor will I mention it here because I don't want to sound like a stalker.

  10. What advice would you give a youngish woman who despite being (sortof) attractive, successful, and (she thinks) fun to be around, can't seem to find a decent guy to date?

  11. Alley, do you really want dating advice from a divorced man who can't seem to find a decent woman to date, and even when I do, some shit happens that fucks with my head?

    The answer is OF COURSE YOU DO because I am that fucking awesome.

    First off, be confident. You are not "sort of" attractive. You are attractive or you are not. So, you are attractive (and no, this is not a pathetic way for me to get you to email me a picture, but you can feel free to).

    The bottom line is be yourself. But, I may have to say that a lot can depend on where you are living. Some people just do not fit into their surroundings. For instance, I grew up for most of my life in southeast Texas. Am I a Texan? Fuck no. I am an East Coast kid. I thrive on traffic, gas fumes, cold beer, the smell of the ocean, and high property values. I cannot spend more than 48hrs in the town I grew up without wanting to remove my eyes with a butter knife. And there is no way on earth that I would ever date a woman I went to high school with. No way, no how, no fucking thank you.

    If you can't find a decent guy to date, branch out. It may not be you at all, but more of your surroundings and the type of guys that you have to choose from.

    That being said, if you are honest with yourself about what you want, the you will find someone decent. And don't be easy as far as the sex department. Seriously. Even if everything is clicking and sparks are flying from the first second you lay eyes on each other.

    Anticipation is key.