Monday, September 13, 2010


Dear Diary:

She is probably the most laid back, yet outgoing woman I have met.

Words that I would use to describe her are intelligent, lively, thoughtful, entertaining, fun, youthful, ambitious, determined, self-aware, graceful, kind.

Who is this you might be asking? She is the girl I mentioned roughly a month ago that my friend is trying to set me up with. We have gone out twice.

She is a bit of an enigma. She is in her early twenties, yet she has gone out with me, a 32 year-old slightly overweight divorced man, twice. And we have a good time. It's very calm, yet fun at the same time.

Our first date I met her at a place that had a decent beer list, as I had mentioned to you earlier that she is a beer drinker. We talked, had a couple of pints, and then went and grabbed a bite to eat. As we were in an area with many options within walking distance, we just walked around and I pointed out different places, and she suggested I just pick one. So I did. And I hit a home run with my choice, to the point she is recommending it to all of her friends.

She looked strikingly beautiful, and is confident, with eyes you could get lost in, and a laugh that is infectious. While walking part of me could not help think that every person around us was wondering how the fuck I was with her.

She can also eat, and is not afraid of doing so. There is nothing more frustrating than going out to dinner with your date to a place that is known for a certain type of food and your date ordering nothing more than something light, like a salad, or a leaf. I thoroughly enjoyed how she was not afraid to have what she wanted. I found that appealing. Our second date included a walk near the water and stopping in a tavern for a couple of pints, followed by dinner overlooking the boats. I had fish, and she had prime rib.

She is tall. Blond, tan with a gorgeous smile. She wore something that showed off her figure while remaining tasteful. While walking we encountered a little dog, and she wanted to pet it. She is mature yet with a child like innocence.

She is not out of my league at all, but she does scare the fucking shit out of me.


  1. I think she sounds great and interesting. You are a great guy and obviously this lady thinks there is something wonderful about you (which we all know). Besides, I have seen the pictures of the reunion and you are looking fab. Work it Bubba! XOXO

  2. ooh. sounds fun. challenges can be a good thing, and she seems like the best kind of challenge...

  3. Scary can be good...go with it, she sounds kind of mysterious, as you note, which is fun, yet challenging, but hopefully not frustrating ;-)

  4. :)) good luck! This sounds like one to spend some time on!!

  5. I like beginnings. Who knows? Might even lead to... Something More.

    Cheers to you both.