Saturday, September 11, 2010

Forever Mine

"It may not mean nothing to y'all
But understand nothing was done for me
So I don't plan on stopping at all
I want this shit forever mine, ever mine, ever mine"

Dear Diary:

I've worked for everything I have. I've taken on risk. I've lost. I've won. I like to think I have won more than I lost.

Now, that is not to say that I have not had help along the way on occasion. But, help ends at a certain point, generally fairly quickly. Whether it was someone giving me an introduction, or helping me work through something financial, I have then taken their assistance at Step 1, and busted my ass to get to Step 20, and beyond.

I started off at the lowest possible position at my job, and busted my ass to get to the top. My car and house are in my name only. So are my credit cards.

But what I am most proud of is how I fought and worked like a bastard to rebuild myself, mentally and emotionally. If steps needed to be taken to talk to someone, I took those steps, no one took them for me. No one told me, "This is what you must do and this is how you do it." Ultimately, I figured that shit out on my own. And that's how I like it, because I can own it completely, both good and bad. No excuses.

And no one can take that, the process of how I did it, away from me.

It's forever, mine.

And it's just the beginning.


  1. It's great to sit back and reap the rewards after working so hard. Good for you! :-)

  2. Damn straight! You should be - and sound - very proud of yourself. you've come a long way!!

  3. DivorcedGuy
    Own it, use it, be proud of it.
    It is yours and no one should ever lay claim to it.

    It? All of your hard work.

  4. preach, babe. i totally understand. everything i have right now, which god knows isn't much, is mine and mine alone, and i LOVE it. when i look at my law degree hanging on my wall, i know full good and well who earned it, and i know what it means for my future.

    and like you said, this is just the beginning. here's to whatever lies ahead. :)