Thursday, September 2, 2010


Dear Diary:

It's a bit amazing what one takes for granted by the simple fact that he or she may have two properly functioning hands. For the last month, I have not had two properly functioning hands. I have had a hand, and a thumb.

At the moment, I still do not have two properly functioning hands. However, I have one good hand and one hand that opens to about 160 degrees. I can make a fist with my not quite perfect hand. I can hold things with my not quite perfect hand. I can actually use, to a large extent, my not quite perfect hand.

And you can have no fucking idea how liberating that feels unless you have gone through something similar.

I went for a run the other day, without a cast. I pushed myself, and got about 2 miles in, and it hurt like hell. But, it was much better than the zero miles I have been able to do or the last month with a club attached to my not quite perfect hand.

I cleaned my house. And when I say cleaned it, I mean cleaned it. No quick spruce up. No just sweeping. The floors are swept, couch vacuumed, floors mopped, everything dusted, shit thrown out, shit put away, stainless steel polished, granite cleaned, toilets cleaned, sinks cleaned, and hell, I even did the decorative stuff for good measure. The master bathroom will be done being cleaned as soon as I....

Cut my fucking hair.

Now, I have curly hair. And I do not mean flowing locks of curls, but more rather straight on brillo pad hair. I can grow an afro if I wanted to, that is how thick, dense, and curly my hair is. In the summer, if it gets more than half an inch long, it holds in heat like a greenhouse to the point you could probably fry an egg on my head. I cut my hair one handed. It was beyond difficult.

But not anymore. Now, I am going to have a comfortable hair cut. Ok, for me, a comfortable hair cut is taking it all off, but since it is technically cutting hair, it is a hair cut.

When I run, I will not feel like my head is going to overheat to the point that it will explode. It feels cleaner, more comfortable, and well, it's me. And I guess that is the point of it all.

I'm getting back to me. Slowly but surely, I'm getting back to actually feeling like myself.


  1. Nice!! And I'm jealous of the stainless kitchen and granite. House envy, like whoa. don't cut yourself with the haircut now, and stay away from those damn avocados!

  2. you said..."i cleaned the house"...i wish men would whisper that too me...
    sexxxy.. xoxo

  3. SB, you don't know the half of it. You should see me cook.