Thursday, August 5, 2010


Dear Diary:

Ouch!! Ouch I say!

This is what happens when you are not paying attention.

I took this picture in the recovery room about ten minutes after waking up from surgery. The fucking cast is the size of a Buick. It is only good for clubbing small animals, or maybe I could use it as a nice decorative piece. I could probably even use it to strengthen the foundation of a large building.

I remember three things from the procedure:

1. That they screwed up my IV and when they thought they were putting me to sleep all they were doing was causing me extreme pain in my right arm to the point I was shaking and biting my tongue not to scream and punch they guy. We are talking a solid 11 of pain on a scale of 1 to 10.

2. Then they moved the IV to my hand after shaving it (oh yeah, it looks sexy), and when the drip started it hurt like hell too. I asked them if it was supposed to hurt like that and then...

3. I woke up in recovery.

My nurse in recovery was a peach, and I may have offered to buy her a car if she got me a cup of coffee, which she did. I also downed about a gallon of juice in 30 seconds because I was thirsty as hell.

Also, doing random things are very difficult, like getting dressed and showering. So difficult in fact that I think they should make it an Olympic sport.

Now please excuse me while I pop some pain meds and relax.

(not bad typing one handed am I?)


  1. ugh! That does not look (or sound fun)! Hope you heal quickly!!!!

  2. Impressive typing with one hand - and I agree on the Olympic sport...right up there with doing things without an opposable thumb?!

  3. ouch is right. hopefully the meds help...

  4. Well, having had carpal tunnel surgery on my hand a while ago I can totally relate, and I really hope yours heals quickly and you get back to normal!

  5. If I were there, I would totally help you shower.

  6. Hey,

    The same day you were in having carpal tunnel surgery, I was in having the back end of my radial bone removed. I broke both arms at the elbow the day before that in an accident. So, as bad as things may seem, they can always be worse. At least you don't need rehab to learn how to wipe. :-)