Monday, August 9, 2010


Dear Diary:

I cannot do much these days because of one tiny fucking nerve in my hand.

I cannot cook really. I cannot chop veggies or hold anything with two hands.

I cannot work out. I cannot lift weights. I cannot even go for a run. I feel like crap. I feel disgusting. I believe I can see pounds being added.

I cannot get dressed easily. I cannot button a shirt. Putting on pants is a challenge. But I cannot go to jail, so walking around everywhere naked is not an option.

I cannot do any serious work on my house. I cannot do any serious work on the outside of my house. I was going to landscape. Not happening.

I cannot take even take out the trash.

I cannot cut my hair and will suffer having a greenhouse on my head because I am not paying someone $15 bucks to just shave it all off.

I cannot (ok, I'm not supposed to...) have a beer while on pain medication.

I cannot do my routine.

What I can do is get frustrated with not feeling normal.


  1. yikes. there is nothing worse than feeling limited like this. i'm sorry...

  2. Okay, I would be more than frustrated if I were you, so I feel for you! I really do. No beer while on pain med, let the rest of us drinnk *for* you! :)