Monday, August 16, 2010


Dear Diary,

I'm confident I am a good man. I'm confident I am worth knowing. I'm confident I have intrinsic value. I'm confident I am worth something, and will be worth a lot to a special someone in the future.

I'm also confident there is no such thing as a woman that it out of my league.

Sure, there are stunningly beautiful women on this city that wouldn't give me the time of day, but that doesn't mean they are out of my league. That just means they are not interested. Big fucking deal.

But on the off chance they do not care about superficial bullshit (ok, unfortunately the vast majority of women in this area do) and I am able to strike up a conversation, then I am confident I can:

-Make them laugh

-Make them smile

-Make them wonder

-Make them feel like there is no place on earth I would rather be (because honestly, in that moment, there isn't)

-And if given the opportunity, make them cum like they have never cum before

Now, the five things listed above all require one simple thing that unfortunately a lot of people have difficulty with: PAYING ATTENTION!

I like paying attention. I mean really, you would be amazed at the shit you can learn not only about other people, but about yourself if you just slow the fuck down, listen, and pay attention.

Ok, for the last of the five listed you may be thinking, "wow, what a cocky prick." But getting a woman off is not rocket science. In fact, I think guys that do not give a shit whether or not their partner gets off are missing out. I for one take great pride in it.

I like paying attention to the way a woman breathes when I caress her skin gently with my fingertips and lips. I like her smell, and the taste of her skin as I gently kiss her neck, working my way down across her collar bone, across her chest, and between her legs. Honestly, there is nothing quite like the sight of a woman's heaving torso when you are looking up at her from between her legs. It's empowering really. And I could spend hours doing that, or until at least my jaw fell off. I actually had a woman tell me I should teach a class on how to eat pussy, so I guess I am pretty good at it.

But no one will ever learn these spots on their partner if they don't fucking pay attention! You cannot learn the different paces and pressures if you don't pay attention. Just because anyone can have sex, it doesn't mean everyone knows how to.

But I digress...

No one is out of anyone's league. Whomever put that idea into other people's heads was an idiot. A woman either is interested or she isn't, but that doesn't make them any better than anyone else.

No one is out of my league, including the stunning, younger, tall, thin, light eyed, blond knockout that a friend is trying to set me up with.

And she loves beer. And I'll be buying her one tomorrow.



  1. damn right. all the way around. men who pay attention are the only men worth knowing, in my estimation.

    have fun tomorrow. :)

  2. Damn.
    I may have had to read parts of this post, stop, and then reread again ;-) nicely done.
    Good luck on your date tonight.
    And this is a much better viewpoint from you tha the other night when you were frustrated and angry.

  3. Here's hoping it went well, and that you two are working your way up to a six-pack.

  4. Goddamn. I agree with Jolene. Some of you posts....whew. That's some, uh, good stuff. I am usually left fanning myself with a piece of paper, and looking for the nearest exit so I can be alone, but it's good stuff. You're awfully candid, which is great, ballsy and nice to read.

    And it's making me think about all my exes who didn't care if I got off or not, or laid there and let me finish myself off, which has been everyone I've slept with save two people. Fuck! Never again with one of those. NO. You've inspired me.