Sunday, July 25, 2010

Ok Then

Dear Diary,

Since I really have nothing to write about other than my hand and the sheer annoyance that is it becoming, I will tell you a story. Or is it give you a recollection? Share a memory maybe? Eh, anyway, I am tired, it is hot out, and the coffee I am drinking hasn't kicked in yet, but here goes.

I am going to take you back to a happier time, or at least one day in my life where I was so overfilled with joy that you could have shot me in the ass and I wouldn't have cared: my wedding day.

Now, I will not go into details about my entire wedding day. But, I will tell you a few things about my ex mother-in-law, since I am feeling very generous, and maybe a little bit condescending.

My ex mother-in-law was a great women....ok, sorry, I just had to laugh at that.

My ex mother-in-law was a fucking lunatic. She used to get all worked up over stupid and pointless bullshit. There were a couple of times that we would visit her and we would leave with my ex crying because her mom had been an ass and made her feel like shit. This happened on my ex's birthday once. So yeah, you can see what type of mother-in-law I had.

Well anyway, my wedding was small. It was a destination wedding and we only had the bridal party and our parents there, so we enjoyed a long weekend in South Florida with a very close group of people.

On my wedding night, after the reception, the vast majority of us went to a local bar near the beach and were laughing and drinking. My ex father-in-law was there having beers with my dad.

(Both sets of parents are divorced by the way, which will help put the following into context)

While we are all sitting there laughing and enjoying a good time, my ex mother-in-law bursts into the bar and screams, "(insert ex father-in-law's name) you ASSHOLE!" My ex father-in-law left less than a minute later.

And that was how my wedding night started. With my bride crying.


  1. wow. that's... i don't even have words for that. it's just the worst sort of person who demands the spotlight constantly and goes to any extreme necessary to get it. jeez.

  2. And this is why I am thankful I never made her a grandmother...

  3. I'm so sorry....I hope the rest of the day was at least a good memory.

  4. Oh wow, that's crazy...and I'm intrigued to read your wedding story, since I don't think I have read anything about it before, or you've never really posted on it, right?