Saturday, June 19, 2010

Unblocked, Kinda Sorta

Dear Diary (Readers):

Thank you all for your questions. I can imagine you are all drooling with anticipation and were desperately wondering when I was actually going to get around to answering you, but hell, I have been beyond busy (and yes I know I say that a lot, but it's true). Anyway, here we go:

Dear Jolene:

What makes me tick? Honestly, I have no fucking clue. By nature I am not a very excitable person, and many confuse that with ambivalence, but it couldn't be further from the truth. There are a lot of things I like, and thoroughly enjoy, but I am not the type of person to have his heart racing because of a certain thing or situation (well, except for love, and it hasn't raced in a while). I guess normal everyday life makes me tick. The fact that I actually wake up makes me tick. Bacon, definitely bacon, makes me tick. I mean, who the hell doesn't like pork fat? Communists, that's who.

What would I like to know, and what am I curious about? Everything, and everything.

What am I wondering? Oh you naughty girl, wouldn't you like to know! (Seriously though, nothing, I am fucking tired)


Dear Magnolia:

If I was a tree, I imagine I would be an oak. You know, sturdy, large, hard.....(sorry, couldn't resist).

Did I have trusted people in my life try to try to tell me that maybe I shouldn't have gotten married? Nope, not a one. However, I did have friends, post-divorce, tell me that they were glad I was divorced because they never really liked my ex-wife. I think that is bullshit to be honest with you, and I don't talk to them that much anymore. Not because they didn't necessarily like my ex, but because they didn't have the fucking balls to be honest with me. I can take honesty, even if it is not something I want to hear.


Dear Anonymous:

If I could live anywhere, it would be near the ocean. Maybe Key West (before BP fucked the world)? Or the Carolinas. I am definitely more of an East Coast kid.


Dear Alley:

The roommate situation is working out just fine. He even set up cable for the house, in HD. We get along fine, and my bar tabs have yet to be over $10. So, life ain't all bad.


Dear TD:

I have never owned a magic 8-Ball in my life.


Dear lac:

If you would like to see Chapter One, just click on this. As far as what brought me to this place, I am not sure what place you are referring to specifically. So, that being said, feel free to E-mail me directly with any further questions you may have.

I am still on a hiatus from dating. Truth be told, I have been so preoccupied with other stuff that I don't have the time to date. Hell, I don't have time for much these days. I am still working on my house, and it is taking longer than I would have liked. The deck is completely fucked because the city is a joke, and have neither a deck of a grill, and I am not a happy camper about that. I am also not happy about the fact that I didn't have time to go to the gym in the last 10 days. Blah. I feel like horse shit.

I am following the Nats. Strasburg is a stud. I just hope management is careful with him so they don't mismanage his outings, as well as how the media handles him. I would hate to see him have a short career because management screwed him up.

Oh, and I am not a writer by trade.


Until next time folks, peace.


  1. I have a question... Why must you insist on calling me a communist?

    Do you think your odds of getting that deck done might improve if you were to get yourself a magic eight ball?

    nothing else has worked right?

  2. Because Dutchie, you do not like bacon. And we all know that those that despise bacon are trying to overthrow the world. It is up to the pork fat loving people of the world to keep proper order. BACON IS FREEDOM.

    The odds of getting a deck will improve when I just build the fucker myself. The city can suck my meat pole.

  3. Your arteries do not feel that freedom.. just sayin.. 8-/

  4. But WILL the city suck your meat pole? And if the city will fellate you, assuming that to be on demand. might you care a whole heck of a lot less about your deck and grill ? If your city has teeth, do you think they will be careful about nipping your manhood?
    I have lived in Tucson for three years now and I have NEVER received oral sex from this municipality, unless i slept through it (unlikely) or the town mouthed my cats instead while I was away from home. I wonder if I should live in the East after all.

  5. Ha! Finally, you post. And not for nothing, but I daresay I sort of stumped you with my Q? Perhaps just a little? Or, it's just an ambiguous question, that you may answer differently on any given day, right? Come back to blogging, pretty please? Your posts are funny and give us all a good glimpse into what makes you tick (a-ha!). ;-)

  6. strasburg is a stud. i think riggleman will be super-careful with him, though, given his connections to breaking kerry wood. it is MAGIC watching the kid pitch. i just hope the team can get him some damn offense...