Thursday, April 29, 2010

Yeah, Ok Well....

Dear Diary,

I haven't written a dating update in a while because there really was nothing to write about. I went out twice with Girl 9, and once with Girl 10 in the last six weeks I think. Three dates in over a month? Yeah, like I said, not much to write home about.

I will start with Girl 10 because we had one date and it was quick and painless. She was nice enough, but talked a hell of a lot. She talked about her divorce a lot, and talked about herself a lot. She was cute, and I was willing to give it a shot at a second date to at least try to get to know her more, but she let me know she wasn't feeling it, and wished me the best. That was honesty. That I can respect.

Girl 9 is a bit of a different story. I haven't seen her in 3 weeks. I thought our second date went well enough, and we have texted back and forth. She has been busy with seminars and shit like that, but I have told her a couple times I would like to see her again.

And I get no response, or a change of subject. When she has a long day and we are texting and I try to lighten up her mood by reminding her that I owe her an ice cream cone, I get told I am amazing. But when I mention getting together again, I don't get told anything.

I can respect someone who will tell me yes, or even no. In fact, I can respect someone even more if they tell me no, because telling someone no is not always easy. But the "I don't know, kinda, maybe, we'll see," wishy washy bullshit drives me up a fucking wall. The only way I should have to pull teeth is if I was a damn dentist, thank you very much.

So, I extended a branch to see if Girl 9 would like to go out this weekend. If I hear from her, then great. If I don't, then I am not worried about it. I have enough stuff I have to deal with anyway that will take up enough of my time other than dating.

Like landscaping. Who wants to volunteer?


  1. Landscaping is fun, and one of the many things I enjoy doing. But I am over 3000 miles away, so I am afraid to say I won't be coming over to help you out.

    "wishy washy bullshit" would drive anyone up a wall. Sorry your having to deal with that..

  2. Boy do i know what you mean. Amen etc. It is really hard for people to speak their minds apparently. I have men who come on like gangbusters, then disappear after telling me how faaaaaaaaaaabulous I am. I don't know why. I would so prefer someone saying..... the chemistry isn't there....

  3. Sounds as though Girl 9 doesn't know what she wants. I'd relegate her to the "friend" category and move on. If she was interested she'd be jumping at your offers.

    As for the landscaping, I'll help if you return the favor. Keep in mind my "lawn" is 3/4 of an acre!

  4. Dual, actually she told me she wasn't ready to date about 10 minutes ago. At least I heard I guess.