Sunday, April 25, 2010

Real Quick

Dear Diary,

Just a couple of quick points:

-I didn't lose any weight this week. No biggie. I am just going to have to keep working at it.

-I royally fucked up my back, so working at losing weight this week is going to be challenging, but doable.

-Did I mention I fucked up my back? Ouch


  1. I've had lots of back problems in the past. It's not fun! Hang in there, do what you need to do to get better. :-)

  2. ugh, that sucks about your back - agree with Sunshine though, fix the back issue hard that as sounds (believe me, I tend to work through injuries and think I can do both - work out and fix myself and it never really works!). And c'mon, what, no date updates?! ;-)

  3. BTDT with the back problems. I did loose a good 30pds though with just diet while I was dealing with my back so you can definitely drop weight without exercise. In the long run...carrying around less weight helped my back so I still had to loose it. Good luck and hope it is short lived.

  4. Jolene, if I had something to tell you on the dating front I would, but well, it's been quiet