Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Broken Records

Dear Diary:

Have you ever had to tell a story so many fucking times that you just get tired of telling it. I have. Can you guess which story I am talking about? Oh, I bet your sweet ass you can.

I am really tired of talking about my divorce. I mean, it happened. So what? I could tell you the short version and just say that it didn't work out, or I could tell you the long version and go through all the bullshit that I found in discovery. But seriously, what is the point?

What does it matter that I am divorced? Big fucking deal.

I guess that is why I am kinda feeling somewhat positive about a possible date with Girl 10, who also happens to be divorced. We can sort of share battle stories over a glass of wine or another type of adult beverage, and be done with. But, that is about as positive as I am feeling about Girl 10 at the moment.

I only say that because I still have body image issues (yes ladies, you are not the only ones that deal with this bullshit). She is shorter than me by a few inches, and cannot weigh more than a buck fifteen. I almost feel as though I could literally break this woman, or if I sneeze to hard she might fly away.

Eh, big fucking deal to that too.

At least I can have a drink.

And yes I know that I am rambling.


On another note, I am finding a great irony in the entire online dating thing. It seems to come in spurts (no pun intended). There are dry spells when you do not hear back from anyone for weeks at a time, and then all of a sudden you are bombarded with responses that you have to sift through.

As you can imagine, the lull is well, a bit boring and can get somewhat tiresome if you don't have the right mindset. On the flip side, when one is bombarded, it is both a gigantic ego boost as well as a bit mind boggling and overwhelming. But, generally the ego part wins.

Ok, now I can tell I am really rambling. Must get sleep.


  1. Ha - yes, I too get sick of telling the divorce story...not really a story at this point, ya know? And I totally agree on the dating "spurts" (LOL at the pun...), it does tend to happen that way, such an up and down thing!!

  2. I am so glad to hear of your body image issues (I am sorry that you have them), but I really have them too and it sucks. Hold out for online dating...I am a Match.com success story.