Friday, February 19, 2010


Dear Diary:

Since about June of last year, I have been completely swamped. I managed the renovation of a house, dated, worked, had friends visit, shopped for a mortgage, and so on and so forth. In the whirlwind of activity, I forgot about the most important person: me.

All of that has to change. Before June, I was addicted to the gym. I would go every morning before work and lift and then run. As I got busier, I stopped lifting, and just ran. I would run when it was nice out, and had a nice three mile route that I would hit about four times a week. As I got busier and busier, I lost track of that. I stopped running. I slowed down. And now, I can feel it (as well as see it unfortunately).

I put on weight, and it really gets to me. I was doing so well. I was eating healthy, working out, and was consistently taking off the pounds.

All that stopped completely when I moved into this house. All my free time was spent either working on a home project, or dating. I stopped watching what I was putting into my body, and instead, ate what was convenient. I drank more.

So, instead of being one of those fat fucking idiots who complain that they do not like how they are looking and feeling and do nothing to change it, I am going to change it.

After work I ran out to the running store that I go to when I need new shoes, and bought a new pair of running shoes. I needed some anyway, and since I have been walking to work because we still have a shit ton of snow on the ground and I don't want to lose my parking space, my (now) old running shoes have gotten beat up. I plan on beating this new pair up as well, but at the gym, and on the road.

New Running Shoes - $140

Dropping Weight - 8 months

Peace of Mind - Priceless


  1. Keep us posted on how the running goes. I know what a crappy feeling it is to feel heavy. I am going running this morning too! All my best, P

  2. Great goal - no doubt you can do it. It does help you regroup mentally, at least it does for me, so I think you have the right idea. And, spring is *almost* here so outdoor running is not too far away (thank God, I hate running on the treadmill!).