Thursday, February 25, 2010

Look Ma!!! I'm Famous!!!

Dear Diary,

Well, isn't this some shit. Some very cool people stumbled across you, and low and behold, they like what I have told you so far. And, being the adoring fans that they are, they are of course clamoring for more juicy tidbits (because painting crown molding is oh so enthralling).

Anyway, BigCityDad has decided to bestow upon me my very first blog award. That's right, you heard it, I am famous (waves to the adoring crowd).

Now, in this day and age, there is of course fine print (damn you Academy!!). However, the fine print isn't that much of a burden. The fine print states that I must:

-Tell you seven things about myself that you do not know
-Choose ten blogs that I follow to bestow this award on that I find interesting and worthy
-Tell these people that I have chosen them

Sounds to me more like a mission, you know like, "Your mission DivorcedGuy, should you choose to accept it is this..."

Well, I choose to accept this honor, and I will save the speech that I had prepared for another day. That being said, let me start with seven random things that you do not know about me.

1. I shook the hand of Nelson Mandela, and it was like being in the presence an angel.

2. I have a very large baseball card collection from when I was a kid, numbering around 25,000, and if it wasn't for steroids in baseball, I could probably buy a car with them.

3. I have never been to Europe

4. I can remember how to spell the last name of my best friend from the 4th grade.

5. I lost 80 pounds from the day my ex-wife moved in with me to the day she left me. However, with stress, not paying attention, and lifting weights like a crack fiend, I put on about 30 pounds.

6. I belong to an online support group for people going through divorces, and although you may find this strange, I can tell you that without the ability to talk to people going through the same thing, and without the ability to learn to laugh again, I very may well have not made it. Oddly enough, many people in my area are members of this group as well, and we get together on occasion and have a blast (think drinking, jokes, and laughing until your sides are splitting).

7. If I could quit my job and become a bartender at a beach bar and live comfortably, I would do it in a heartbeat.

So there you have it, seven things not previously known about me. Well, I don't think you know this shit about me, but honestly, after having been writing since June 2008, I am way too fucking lazy to go back and look.

Or is it that I am too important? I mean, I am an award winner after all. I think I should hire an assistant. Preferably a young and impressionable woman with tan and tone legs who will get me coffee at the drop of a hat.

Nah, I won't let this go to my head or anything....

As far as choosing other blogs, well, I guess that means that I have to get off my ass and start reading some shit. So, in time, that will come, I promise.

Now where is that assistant?


  1. Congratulations! Well deserved. ;)

    What would we do without our support groups, right?

  2. Congrats. If I had to vote -gun to my head- I'd choose you!

    **Support groups are very important. Even for people who are still married. Takes the edge off...or something.

  3. Congrats and uhhh...I SOOOO gave you an award on my blog before, so this isn't your first ;-) tanned and toned leg assistant? Those are some specific requirements! And congrats on the weight loss and shaking Nelson Mandela's hand. Both very cool in their own rights ;-)