Monday, January 18, 2010

I'm A Mac

Dear Diary:

So, this morning, while I was over at Girl 7's place (yes, I am still dating the same woman), I talked to my contractor who said he had to drop off some tools at my house so I had to run home. When I get home, I turned on my computer to check to my E-mail, and wouldn't you know it....

The damn thing crapped out on me. And I am not just saying it crapped out so that I had an excuse to drop money on a new computer. I pressed the button, and it made a weird sound, and beeped twice, and that is that. The screen wont even light up, and I cannot get to the prompt to run a disk recovery.

So, I decided to say, "to hell with it," and went shopping.

Now, I have thought about getting a Mac for some time now because let's be honest, they are just better machines. They do not have all those thousands of useless programs that a PC comes with that you spend countless hours deleting, and in the process of course accidentally delete something important. And for the sake of honestly, I mean seriously, they are just fucking cooler than a PC can ever dream of being. They are machines with attitude and style, and are surprisingly easy to use.

So, since I get a discount because of who I work for, I went to the Apple store, and broke my Mac cherry with a brand new MacBook Pro with a 15in display. I am still getting used to how everything works, but from the first day, I can tell that I am going to like this thing (and I better like it for the amount of cash I dropped on it).

So, as of this day forward, I'm a Mac, not a PC.


  1. Woo-hoo!

    Welcome to the club!

    Here! Have some Kool-Aid.


  2. "So, as of this day forward, I'm a Mac, not a PC."
    And in the scheme of things, what difference does that make? Mac schmack. As long as I can get my email, I don't care what kind of machine it is. Glad for you that you got a good deal, though. I love a deal!

  3. Welcome to the Mac world, it is bright, colorful and wonderful. We love our MacBook and timemachine, if you ever need an easy way to back up and throw wi-fi through your house. Congratulations and enjoy the new machine!