Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Dear Diary:

For me, there is something very tender about waking up next to a woman for the very first time.

There is something very warm about the feeling of her bare skin against my chest as I wrap my arms around her after hitting snooze on the alarm clock. The feel of her hand at it traces my arm, and her face nuzzled into my neck, feeling her breath on me as I smell her hair.

Then of course there is that first morning kiss where you keep your lips closed because you both know you have morning breath and don't want to gross each other out.

It's a wonderful feeling really.

And I am sure you wondering what prompted this as I have not written in a while. Well, things with Girl 7 are going very well. We are getting along great, and enjoying spending time together. This past weekend, we met up on Saturday and walked around the city for a bit, checking out all the holiday decorations and such. Then we went back to her place to make dinner and watch a movie.

And then we made out like fucking teenagers. For like, oh hell, hours. And then she suggested that we move to her bedroom, because you know, a bed is more comfortable than a couch. And then she suggested that I should just spend the night.

And that is what I did. I slept with her, literally.

Now, from past experiences that I have mentioned, you might be surprised that we didn't do what you may think we did. But the truth is we didn't that night.

The other truth is that I slept there two nights in a row, and on the second night, what you think might have happened didn't happen either. And that was fine by me, because I got to wake up next to her two days in a row.


  1. Wow, our dates are falling in parallel! And PS, you have email ;-)

  2. Umm... you're not dating each other, are you?

    But, cereally, Divorced Guy, this sounds awesome. Gives me hope. And what a great way for a budding relationship to unfold!