Monday, November 23, 2009


Dear Diary:

I am convinced there are two types of people in the world: those that enjoy silence and those that are annoyed by it.

I enjoy silence. As I write this (another mobile installment, so you know the rules) I am sitting on my couch in a completely quiet house.

It is raining outside. The only sounds I hear are of the rain drops hitting the pavement and the sound of the random cars driving past the front of my house on the slick road. There is the random creak of the house and nothing else.

I have no cable. I have no Internet. I have no music because the docking station is still packed while my crew continues to work. There is nothing except the sound of silence, with the occasional aforementioned disruption.

It is peaceful.

I enjoy the silence. It allows me to be at one with my thoughts. This is a silence I cherish.

There is another type of silence, but one where words are communicated without ever saying them. This is the silence when you look into a lover's eyes and the look says everything you want to say for you. I cherish this silence as well. It is also the silence I miss on occasion.

Right now I will settle for the rain.

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  1. Very nicely put. I'm in complete agreement!