Monday, November 30, 2009

One Year

Dear Diary:

Roughly a year ago I moved into an 800+ square foot apartment. Yesterday I turned in my keys.

That apartment served me well. If you can believe it, it was the very first apartment that I had rented on my own. Prior to that point I had rented places owned by my family or, with my ex-wife, had owned property.

That apartment was a first for a lot of reasons. Although my friend Kelly was the property manager, I still had to apply and fill out all the paperwork. I still had to pay rent. I still had to set up utilities in my name. I paid for the moving company. I did it on my own. I look at that apartment as a proving ground for my independence.

A year ago, I remember crying the first night I slept in that apartment because I could simply not believe that my life had turned out the way it did. My marriage was destroyed and had a one way ticket to divorce. My home was gone. I was broke and barely making it. And even though I had a new bunch of friends as well as all of my old ones, I had never felt so fucking alone in my life.

But I had learned to love that place and all the lessons that it taught me about myself. I spent a lot of time writing those first few months I was in that place and I think the completely different scenery did me well. I can remember two of my oldest friends visiting once or twice and my dads only saw the place twice. My brother only saw the place once. Other than that it was pretty much myself, my thoughts, and my work (with the occasional visit from Kelly or a female guest....).

Now I am lying in bed in my new place. Sure its needs a lot of work (finished stairs, paint, bricked sealed, banister, shower door custom built, etc) but I am looking forward to making this place my home for the next few years. The ironic thing is that once the mortgage kicks in it will cost me less to own this house than it did for me to rent last year.

And although I am on my own, I am in a much better place both emotionally and financially that I was a year ago, and for that I pat myself on the back, as well as thank all the good fucking luck I had the last year.

So to my old apartment I say I will miss you, but I will not miss sitting in fucking traffic for an hour every morning on they way to work. That there was some bullshit.


  1. Congrats on the new place - and moving on from your first place post-divorce. you must feel amazing! :)

  2. The traffic issue alone was reason enough to buy. Congratulations on the new digs!