Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Girl 7

Dear Diary:

I had a date tonight.

I had a date tonight with a very intelligent woman.

We drank Pinot Noir and talked.

She has a great laugh, and is an interesting person.

Oh, and she is...........FUCKING GORGEOUS!

(Doing the happy dance)

Now, when I say she is intelligent, I am in no way bullshitting you. She has a very interesting job doing something that she enjoys and is passionate about. She laughed at some of the stupid shit I said (and believe me, there was plenty since I was nervous as hell), and I enjoyed hanging out with her. As we parted, she said we should do it again sometime. I am definitely interested in seeing her again, but I guess time will tell. She is five years younger than I am, but that's no big deal in my book.

One thing though is that if she was just being nice, then that's ok too. I am not going to feel bad about it.

Oh, another thing, she is from the same state that my ex-wife is from. Talk about irony.


  1. Were you on the same date as me last night?! ;-) Just kidding...though we had a lovely bottle of wine too (almost went Pinot Noir, but had zin instead, yum). That's awesome, good luck!!!!

  2. When, how and will you ask her out again? Do you want to know if she was just being nice? We sure do.

  3. You should definitely do it again sometime. And soon. Get crackin, Mister!