Saturday, October 24, 2009


Dear Diary:

I was supposed to have a date tonight with Girl 6, but she is sick, and had to cancel. So since I have nothing to do tonight, I figured I would write a bit, because well, I need to.

Today started off like any other day, well, any other weekend day recently, as I started working on the house around 10am. I got in a solid five hours of painting, and the place is really shaping up. Around the time I started is when I got the text that tonight had to be called off, which was fine. I really like this particular girl, and if she was sick, she is sick, and there really isn't much I can do about that.

So anyway, back to painting I went. My buddy was going to come help me, but his hip was bothering him, so it was just me and my paint brush, and some really fucking expensive paint. The stuff I am using is about $55 a gallon. Now, you might think I am crazy for using such expensive stuff, but it is self priming, so it is saving me time because I only need two coats, rather than three to four if I had to buy paint and primer separate. So, I got the kitchen finished, and a bedroom finished. The only thing I need to do in the kitchen in the immediate future is paint the trim above where the cabinets are going to go, and once that is done, I can stop painting for a while.

Anyway, I got home, scrubbed the paint off my skin until it was red and raw, and thought I would log on to (nope, not saying it, because they don't fucking pay me) one of the more popular social networking sites on the web, and see what everyone was up to. Then, I got a wild idea of adding Girl 6 as a friend, and added her.

When I added her, I apparently could see her profile, even though she hasn't confirmed me yet. I saw that she wrote that she wished she could find a normal guy, written today.

My heart sort of sank when I saw that, and completely ruined my mood for the day. But, such is life I guess.....


  1. ouch...that hurts. Facebook can be an evil thing (am guessing that's what it was!). I read something I wished I hadn't on boy #7's page (someone asked why he was single "again" and he said "he hasn't found the right girl." - I mean, obviously that's the case, but seeing it in print sort of stings!!). Good luck, keep your chin up!

  2. Ugh. Eh, she may have just been rambling. To soon to tell, maybe? (If you are normal?) Just trying to get a smile.