Friday, September 25, 2009

Goodbye Sunshine

Dear Diary:

I am in a weird frame of mind at the moment because I just had to force myself to be the bad guy because Sunshine didn't have the courage to tell me what I already knew. So, I had to tell her what she was feeling so that she wouldn't have to be the bad guy.

She hasn't said boo to me in a while, so I casually pointed that out. I told her that I could tell she didn't want to date me. That it was nice meeting her, and she was worth the risk in saying hello to.

She said this didn't feel great having to hear these things, and that she said she could see us as friends but nothing more.

I told her I would pass, since I already have plenty of friends. Then I said that I didn't know why she even joined our particular dating site if she was just looking for friends. Then I killed the conversation before she could say anything.

The End.

There was of course more said in that conversation, but the point is that I won't tolerate being made to feel like I am invisible. She was a coward who couldn't say what she had to say, so she just didn't talk to me so she could avoid it. All that did was piss me off, so I had to be the one to confront the situation and deal with it. And that is fine with me.

So sure, it hurts a little bit, but not because it's over, but because she treated me like I didn't exist when a few weeks ago we were making plans to go on trips and shit like that.

But such is life. The only difference here, and I can thank my divorce for teaching me this, is that I controlled and took ownership of the situation, and didn't let someone make that decision for me.


  1. Actually, who am I kidding? Yeah, I liked her a lot. So it hurts.

  2. Sorry but you were obviously the bigger person. Very high school behavior on her part. You are grown ups so just say it like it is and don't be vague. Return phone calls. Shit or get off the can. I don't blame her for not feeling a sexual connection as sometimes you just don't and it might take a few dates to come to that conclusion but her lame attempt a few weeks ago to tell you was pretty weak. Some people have a hard time breaking things off directly and just try to let time and space do it for them. Silly when you are over the age of 25 really.
    Onto better things!

  3. That sucks, am sure it does hurt...but you are so right re: divorce teaching you things, like taking control of the situation. Good luck.