Friday, August 21, 2009

Trip Down Memory Lane, Sort Of

Dear Diary:

Sorry I didn't write to you sooner to update you about what I have been up to (ok seriously, why the fuck am I apologizing to a diary at this point, I created it!). I have been on the road for work the last week, and I was swamped like you wouldn't believe.

Anyway, the place I went to was the city I met my ex-wife in. It was the city she went to college, and the city she still has many friends in. It was the city were we first kissed. It was the city where I first told her I loved her. It was the city where I proposed to her.

But it is just a fucking city, and after 7pm, a boring one at that.

It was weird being in this town for the first time since my short lived marriage ended. To say it was surreal would be an understatement. I would wake up and grab coffee at the place I used to grab coffee when I would visit her and stay with her. I would grab a beer at one of the places I would frequent when I was in town when we were together. I had to drive past her old apartment building when traveling for work. I had to drive past the places we used to love to go to together.

They are just places.

There was one event that was going on that her and I went to the night we got engaged. That event was happening again, and I didn't feel like going. It wasn't so much that it wasn't fun, but more so because that part of me is history, and there is no point dwelling on the past. Besides, we went there because she wanted to, and honestly, the band that played is not my cup of tea. So I did other stuff, which included a lot of running. The city is a great city to run in, so I enjoyed the hell of out doing that, and even got my mileage up on more than one occasion.

I guess the point I am trying to make is that when you go through a divorce, the places that you used to frequent as a couple just become places again. They have no emotional tie unless you want them to. There is no point in not being able to enjoy them again as a single person because they are there to be enjoyed, so enjoy them.

And if somewhere along here I contradicted myself, screw it, it's early in the morning, I have a lot of laundry to do, and my morning coffee hasn't kicked in yet.

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