Sunday, August 16, 2009

Now About That Dinner

Dear Diary:

I said I would give you an update about how the dinner I made for G3 went, and this is it: fantastic.

Oh, so you want more details? Fine, fine, I will give you some fucking details you big baby.

First of all, as I write this I am sitting in a hotel room since I am traveling for work and last week was swamped so I didn't get to write much. Also, G3 spent the night a couple times, and since I generally do my writing in the evening, well, I couldn't really get to it.

But anyways...

I burnt the fucking reduction. Everything else that I made came out great, but I burnt the damn reduction. I had it on very low heat just to warm, and when she came over we sat on the couch and just started talking, and before you knew it, my apartment smelled like burnt figs.

But everything else was perfect. The food was good. The conversation was good. The wine was good. The walk after dinner was good. And her spending the night was good. And no, we didn't, because I know that is what you are wondering.

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