Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Can't Think Of A Funny Title

Dear Diary:

It has been over a week since my last entry, and I am willing to do penance to atone for that fact. I have been thinking about what to write about, and have had the worst case of writer's block in my life, so, I have decided to write about absolutely nothing in particular.

In the past week, I have done a lot of running, a lot of sleeping, a lot of cleaning, and a lot of communicating. So, let's just sort of do a quick recap shall we?

Running - Running is fun, particularly in the summer heat of the DC metropolitan area (can you see the sarcasm oozing out of those words?). There is nothing like having a nice little run to the point your shirt is completely soaked through with sweat and your nipples have been rubbed raw because of the friction with said shirt. Fun times. However, I am finding it to be pretty relaxing, even though doing it outside in this heat and not on a treadmill is just a tad bit shy of complete and total misery. But, with no pain, there is no gain, and I am a glutton for punishment.

Sleeping - I have been completely and totally exhausted for about the last two weeks as life has gotten insanely busy. Between work, fixing up the new house that I am going to be living in, and dating, I have barely had time to do much of anything else. Case in point, this past Saturday I was barely home as I spent the entire day playing catch-up and taking care of shit I had to do, like making a trip to donate some stuff, and get new dress shirts, and run other mundane and (gasp!) grown-up errands. But why did I donate things?

Cleaning - I had to donate some items as a result of doing some cleaning. Why did I donate these things as a result of some cleaning? Well, because of fucking mice. I hate mice. They are filthy fucking creatures if you ask me. I was taking the trash out and as I lifted the bag, I heard a squeal, and out came a mouse from the garbage can. On the floor it went, and it went right under my foot as I stepped on it, but once I realized I did, quickly jerked my leg, and saw the little bastard run under the stove. So, having seen a mouse, I looked in the pantry, and where I was keeping various bowls and platters, there was mouse shit. Guess what stuff I donated? Thankfully none of it was expensive stuff. But, once it was donated, I cleaned the pantry. One would have thought I was a crazed banshee with the swiftness and thoroughness that said pantry was cleaned. Oh, and I also got glue traps to put near the garbage and pretty much anywhere else I could think of that the little bastard mouse might go running again. I can see PETA getting pissed at me for that, but fuck them. I have no sympathy for those disease carrying little shit leavers.

Dating - The dating world is great, and I continue to have the time of my life. Girl 3 and I have been getting along great, and I think there may be something very real there. She is a complete sweetheart, and I really do enjoy getting to know her more and spending time with her. She made me dinner last night, and she went all out. Lobster flown in from Maine, brownies, wine, hell, it was perfect. I am going to cook for her soon, and I do not know how I am going to top that. I may have to bring out the big guns of pan seared salmon over garlic mashed potatoes with a dill creme fraiche. Or maybe I will just crack open a bottle of Pinot Noir and figure out something that goes with that, maybe lamb chops with a red wine and fig reduction?

Decisions decisions.


  1. You don't need a funny title...sounds like you're doing just fine. If you want, you can clean my house and put together the baby crib if you need more work that is...

  2. To add to the previous post - can I come for dinner?! Sounds delish ;-)