Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Dear Diary:

So, let's see. I wake up, work out, go to work, work my ass off, come home, cook, then pass out. Yes, this is my life.

I am writing this from the office at the moment as I take a little break because honestly at this point I cannot fit anything else in my fat fucking cranium. I am on Cup o' Joe #3 today, which is a nice freshly brewed 20oz from the cafeteria downstairs (it tastes like dirt, but eh, it's caffeinated). The last ten days have been an utter blur, and I really do have a lot to talk about. However, some of the subject matter is a bit more serious than others.

I am writing this little blurb to let you know that I have not forgotten and I will be back at a later date (think a couple of days depending on how busy I am) with a more detailed update of my divorced life. To touch on a couple of the things I plan on talking about, you can be assured to hear of some dating stories, some housing stories, some job stories, and just random bullshit as well. I might even throw in a couple confessionals about what I have done to keep myself occupied. Will it all be pretty? Nope. Will it all be funny? Nope. Will it all be boring? Well, I certainly hope not. Will it all be real? You can bet your sweet ass it will.

Now, you will have to excuse me as I get back to doing the stuff the man pays me for. I mean, bills don't pay themselves.

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