Thursday, June 18, 2009

Movin' On Up...

Dear Diary:

Well, my self imposed hiatus from living in DC is going to come to an end by the end of the year, and I am about to tell you why. You could call me a spoiled shit after you hear me out, and honestly, I would tell you to kiss my ass. You may also call me an opportunist, and for that, you can kiss my ass as well.

You see, my dad gets bored sometimes, and when he gets bored, he buys things, mostly real estate, and cars. But he doesn't buy just any real estate. He buys the type that you have to fix up, and then he rents it, or lives in it, depending on his mood really. Well, since he lives a few thousand miles away, and since the DC housing market has shit the bed, there have been some really good deals.

This particular deal that we are closing on was a foreclosed property (hence the opportunist bit). Well, this is not just any foreclosed property. This place was trashed, so guess who gets to design the interior and all the bells and whistles that go with it? Yup, you guessed it, moi.

I am really looking forward to this little project because it is what I want to do when I have some cash and want to get into something different. I like the thought of renovating an old shell and breathing new life into it. This project is going to call for new flooring, kitchens, bathrooms, moving some walls, lighting, plumbing, and some electrical. Basically everything. New windows, doors, iron gates, stairs, railings, etc. And I get to pick out all the cool shit and make it nice.

So, once that is done, I get to move into the place. I will go from a one bedroom apartment to a two bedroom, one and a half bath practically brand new house with a yard, and off-street parking in the back. Oh, and of course the most important feature of all:


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  1. This is great. I think that would be an absolute blast and to pick everything out. After everything in the past couple of years, it is so great to see you excited about a project! Post pictures as you renovate, would love to see what you do with the place! Take care!