Friday, May 22, 2009

Year 2

Dear Diary:

Ok, so, I know once again I am slacking big time. My last entry was about oh, what, 13 days ago? I mean, it's not like anyone was counting, right?

But anyway. The truth is, for the last three weeks or so I have been so unbelievably busy with work that I have not had time to do much else. This is a bit unfortunate, as I hit a couple of major milestones in my life (or they are major to me anyway). So, let's get down to the good stuff.

First of all, today is Day 2, Year 2, post ex. May 20th of last year was D-Day (Decision Day). I have made two days past one full year being out of a relationship with my ex-wife. Time has really flown by. I did realize that it had been a year the other day, but I was so busy with other shit flying around that I didn't have time to really write anything about it.

I cannot believe it has been one year already. So much has changed in my life in what seems like a relatively short period of time. It's almost amazing when you think about it. One year ago, or really a little over a year ago, I was a married homeowner, unfortunately blind to what was about to happen. I was so far removed from where I am now it almost seems like a cruel joke. If only I could go back in time and give some words of wisdom to the man I was then from the man I am now, maybe I wouldn't have been such a mess. But, I can't. I think the emotional wave was a good thing for me as I learned a lot about myself these past twelve months.

Also, yesterday, I got a major promotion, one which could possibly net me at least a $10,000 raise, if not more, if I am lucky. As I drove home yesterday, I realized that although I shared this news with some friends, I didn't have anyone who I loved to share the news with, and that made me a little lonely. But, on the bright side, I should be able to pay off my debt sooner than I had anticipated, and this is definitely a good thing. Furthermore, I can turn the new title and new responsibility into a nice job when I finally do decide to switch careers. I am really looking forward to the new opportunity and the challenges that will come with it.

And on that note, it's back to work I go.


  1. Congrats on your promotion!

  2. Awesome - congrats on the promo and making it through year one! I'm at the seven month mark and am looking forward with optimistim and hope. Glad you hear you are doing so well.