Saturday, May 9, 2009

Is This Funny Or Sad?

Dear Diary:

Today is May 9th. Three days ago would have been my third anniversary. And I did not realize this until last night. Typical guy right ladies?

Seriously though, the thought of my anniversary didn't even cross my mind. I guess I have been so busy dealing with stuff in the real world with work and paying bills (I just forked over part of my liver to my lawyer), that I just really wasn't paying any attention to the day.

I am not sure at this point whether that is funny, or incredibly sad. Unfortunately, once I did remember, I started remembering.

I mind wandered back to how much life has changed for me over the last year. I am divorced. I live alone. I come home to an apartment that I decorated myself, and I cook for myself. I wake up and go to the gym and go to work. I come home, and really do nothing. Yes, my life is incredibly boring.

But then I started to think about all the people that I have met over the last year that I would not have otherwise met had I not gone through this crucible. For that I feel fortunate as my life has become richer having those new people in my life.

I could name a few, but, should they stumble upon this, they may get embarrassed, so I will not name names. Ok, I am an ass, I will name names (not their real names obviously, I am not that much of an ass).

There is my Z, who wakes me up every morning with an inspiring hello.

There is Kelly, who is always there to listen.

There is Frank, who can bullshit, but be serious, and still have a good time, with the best of them.

And then of course there is AJ. I am still only friends with AJ, even though we tease and flirt, we are nothing more. Yup, I am still stuck in the "friends zone." Sucks to be me in this situation, trust me on that one.


  1. For the first three years after my divorce I was always really sad on my would-be wedding anniversary. Last year, I actually had to go to a wedding on that day. I have two girlfriends that got married on MY anniversary day. I was bummed about it but it has passed. Hopefully. We'll find out next month when the date rolls around.

  2. Funny. Definitely not sad.

  3. Its funny... I mean mine doesn't mean anything to me anymore. I'm happy about that actually!

    One day you will find that someone that is not in the "friend zone" your have too much going for you not too!